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Welcome to the RDA Midwest Regional Headquarters, Minneapolis
Reserve Study Experts:
More than 35,000 Reserve Studies for over 9,000 clients since 1983.

As the largest reserve analysis company in the United States, RDA provides its clients
with the most detailed, comprehensive and useful reserve studies available.

Since 1983 RDA offices have prepared well over 35,000 reserve studies for more than 9,000
clients, across North America, from Massachusetts to Mexico. We have developed our own
reserve analysis software allowing us to generate precise calculations and forecasts as well as
offer a variety of solutions to clients with special situations. As consultants to property managers,
accountants, attorneys and community associations, RDA focuses its expertise on the
complexities of reserve funding and successful long-term planning. Our services are essential
for the implementation of an effective budgeting plan, and the experience, reputation and quality
we offer are unequaled in the industry.

No matter where you are, RDA is ready to serve you!
Minnesota / Midwest Regional HQ
Greg Pettersen, PRA, RS, President
Reserve Data Analysis, Inc.
1409 Osborne Road NE
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55432
Office  (866) 780-7943
Metro  (612)  616-4817
Facsimile (866) 484-7943
Corporate Offices & Software Division
Reserve Data Analysis International, Inc
Edwin G. Edgley, CEO/Founder, RS
15502 NE 86th Street
Vancouver, Washington  98682
Facsimile (800) 579-5015
Office (800) 359-5015
RDA - Southern California
1500 Adams Avenue, Suite 313
Costa Mesa, California 92626
Facsimile (866) 434-8401
Office (866) 434-8396
RDA - Arizona
Hugh L. (Tom) Thompson, President
Karl Thompson, Vice President
2761 E. Bridgeport Parkway
Gilbert, Arizona  85295
Facsimile (480) 473-7658
Office (480) 473-7643
RDA - Colorado
Brad and Shelly Ulmer
10357 Blue Heron Court
Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80129
Facsimile (303) 471-6858
Office (303) 471-6858
RDA - Ohio Valley
Kenneth K. Wolff
3815 River Crossing Parkway, Suite 170
Indianapolis, Indiana  46240
Facsimilie (317) 713-7541
Office (317) 713-7545
RDA - Eastern Seaboard
Alexander Liu, Regional Manager
120 Madison Square Lane
Cary, North Carolina  27513
Office (919) 758-9788
Reserve Data Analysis, Inc
1409 Osborne Road NE
Minneapolis, MN 55432
Toll Free: 1.866.780.7943
Mpls/St. Paul: 612.616.4817

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Reserve Data Analysis provides reserve studies for homeowner associations (HOA's),
community associations, condominium associations, timeshares, resorts, industrial parks, and
other common interest communities (CIC's).  We are members of the Community Associations
Institute (CAI), and the Association of Professional Reserve Analysts (APRA).  RDA is
credited as being the first professional reserve study company in the United States and the
author of the first reserve study software program specifically designed for the preparation of
reserve studies and reserve budgets.

A reserve study is a long-range maintenance plan, usually created by a reserve study
company or reserve study provider for a community association, homeowners association,
condominium association, timeshare or other CIC.  The reserve study is used as an aid in the
development of an association’s long-range budget.  The reserve study consists of a physical
component evaluation, a financial condition analysis and evaluation of one or more funding
plan scenarios to address the client's long-term liabilities.

We are listed under reserve study companies, reserve study providers, reserve study
consultants, reserve study professionals, capital reserve funding, homeowner association
budgets, community association budgets, reserve budgets, reserve funding plans and
reserve maintenance plans.
RDAmidwest Service Territory:
  • Minnesota
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Wisconsin
RDA - Northwest Regional Headquarters
Linda A. Edgley, President, RS
15502 NE 86th Street
Vancouver, Washington  98682
Facsimile (800) 579-5015
Office (800) 359-5015
RDA - Northwest
Joel Tax, President
227 Bellevue Way NE, #483
Bellevue, Washington 98004
Facsimile (866) 574-4072
Office (866) 574-5115